Creating Human Readable Code

We provide High Quality Software Solutions
in 3D, VR and AR

HumanCodeable is a team of dedicated game developers. We combine long time knowledge and experience in state-of-the-art software development. This allows us to provide revolutionary solutions in multi-user 3D desktop, mobile, Virtual,- and Augmented Reality. Our aim is to create high quality implementations and realization – always on top of a constantly growing, yet established technological base.

Advanced Framework

Highly intuitive Framework
for VR, Desktop and Mobile

A complete VR framework to develop VR, Mobile and Desktop applications such as games, experiences, Architectural Viz or product presentations. Implementing a huge variety of functionalities such as level management, menus, interact objects, panels, maps, catalogs…

All the Power of VR, Desktop and Mobile in one individual Package

Since the release of the Advanced Framework 1.0 (May 2019) we have built an active community of developers that uses the framework for their arch viz, industrial, game and even educational projects to build production ready experiences. Our ambition is to provide developers a polished, flexible, feature rich framework that can be used as a solid foundation for every imaginable project.

Since the release of the first version we continued to support our community as much as possible on their journey. It’s awesome to see the projects created using the Framework!

Although we have dedicated a massive amount of time to creating video tutorials, developing new features, writing the documentation, providing updates, maintaining our discord server and providing occasional 1 on 1 support, the Framework has been a very rewarding experience for us, too.

Use these High Quality Features:

  • Level Management

  • Interaction, e.g. Grabbing, Dragging, Snapping, Gaze View and much more

  • Widget Based Control Interface

  • It contains: 353 blueprints, 18 structs, 104 widgets, 19 interfaces and 22 levels

  • Platforms tested: HTC Vive/Pro, Oculus Rift/S/Quest/Index

Everything revolves around the


The heart of all our applications is the Advanced Framework. Based on the high capabilites of the Unreal Engine 4 it provides a huge toolkit of features, utilities and functionality.


Show what you’ve got


You have an important presentation coming up but are afraid of producing just another uninspiring piece of work? We got you covered. Stand out with a cutting edge presentation that will immediately draw attention to your idea and your business.

Make Dreams come true

Architectural Visualisation

Being able to present your architectural design to your clients before even the first brick was laid will give you an incredible advantage over your competitors.

Explain it the easy Way


Need to train your employees or customers in complex procedures? Yet you face challenges, such as limited time, costs, a lack of distributed training facilities or you simply do not have enough experienced trainers? Our capabilities for training in VIRTUAL REALITY are your solution!

Stage your Ideas

Product Demo

Showcase your products the only way they are meant to be shown. The combination of innovation, cutting edge technology and professional execution will not only impress your clients but also ensures the jealousy of your competitors.

Play by your Rules


Defending the world, constructing empires, or exploring space. There are literally no limitations when it comes to games. From serious gaming to promotional games, we know what we are doing here. If you are able to make an outstanding game design document we will be able to create that game for you