Advanced Framework Utilities

Little utilities specially designed to work seamlessly with the framework

Button Pack

Ready to use buttons for the Advanced Framework. All those meshes were created with VR in mind. All meshes were carefully modelled and textured with consideration of all VR best practices.
  • 46 unique static meshes 2-4 LOD´s depending on the mesh size

  • 12 Materials (With masks & parameters to adjust the button/base colors)

  • 25 Blueprints, fully functional buttons setup with our framework components (Advanced button mechanics)

Unreal Marketplace
Unreal Marketplace

3D Modular Keyboards (coming soon)

This package will give you a variety of different keyboard actors, ready to use in any of your projects. We use simple overlap events for triggering the buttons. So it can easily be integrated into any project, regardless if you have a VR, a desktop, or a mobile project.
  • 10 unique static meshes

  • 15 Blueprints (Including interface, key component and enum list)

  • 9 keyboard presets, easy to create new layouts & functions from master keyboard

  • New Component: Key. Fully functional and adjustable

EOS + Vivox Link – Easy Multiplayer Backend

Easy ready-to-use cross-platform multiplayer setup. Connecting VR, Desktop and Mobile in one multiplayer session. This Utility fully utilizes the Advanced Framework multiplayer replication capabilities.
  • Out-of-the-box connection to the Epic Online Service

  • Full voice-chat support based on Vivox.

  • Widget-based Login and Servertravel support.