Architectural Visualization

The ArchViz Extension consolidates and enhances all of the AF features to set up, show and modify architectural visualizations from a single room to a whole building. Additionally the ArchViz Extension provides 3 detailed example worlds showcasing its various functionalites.

Catalog & Shopping Cart

The catalog and shopping cart are a complete set of UI elements and additional actors that enable the developer to organize and present a multitude of actors.
  • catalog component managing and categorizing actors

  • shopping cart component to manage shopping cart UI

  • pallet and hud widgets to display actors in the catalog or shopping cart

  • article data assets and game play tags to support categorization and management

Info Window

The rudimentary info window UI from the core is now a fully fleshed out UI to show detailed information on an actor including imagery, stats and prices.
  • a new enhanced window component providing additional content and functions

  • article data asset that summarize all necessary information on an actor

  • 2 new widgets to present the additional content and provide functions like spawn or add to shopping cart

  • autofill functionality to efficiently transmit the content of the data asset to the window component

  • i18n data tables to support translation

Map Managers

The ArchViz Extension finally provides a complete set of level management options including UI elements and different level management options.
  • radial buttons to change streaming levels

  • pallet and hud widgets to change levels and streaming levels

  • map component to manage level changes

  • fully functioning menu level

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Living Room

The living room is a fully playable level that shows how the ArchViz Extension enables developers to show highly polished meshes and materials whileretaining sufficient efficiency to show their applications on mobile devices with limited like the oculus quest.
  • light changes using streaming levels without depending on dynamic lights

  • fully established pawns for VR, Desktop and Mobile complete with controls and UI

  • pallet and HUD user interfaces to access all features of the level

  • docents of original and custom placed info windows complete with article data assets and i18n data tables


The gallery was created to showcase how the ArchViz Extension can make especially VR accessible even to players with no experience. In the Gallery level all our efforts went into minimizing controller input and still providing a level with tons of player interactions.
  • proximity and gaze based interactions

  • viewports to visit all locations of the level effortlessly

  • handcrafted exhibition boxes and pedestals to present artworks in the best light

  • object spawner to provide a pallet with a minimum of controller input

Empty Room

The empty room level highlights the sophisticated possibilities the ArchVizExtensions provides for a player to furnish and interact with the application.
  • catalog and spawner that enables the player to spawn furniture and decoration to furnish the room to their liking

  • docents of hand crafted actors with adaptable looks, information display and functions

  • shopping cart with all functions to provide a overview on placed actors

  • bookmark system that allows to flag locations of the level for further discussion or modification

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